Thursday, October 20, 2005

Former Student Does Good

Pat Nagle took my Writing for Business and Industry class the last time I taught it. Now he's the CEO of his own company,, and has just bought according to the Towerlight.

Strangely, the group of students I had in that section of ENGL317 was about the best of my teaching career. Normally I hated doing that course, but something clicked with my MWF 8am crew of type A personalities, and I was sorry not to teach it again. [for about ten minutes] The Dept. Head let me teach Tradition and Form in Short Fiction instead, which was more up my alley.

My one request of Patrick--please don't screw with my ratings! I think I'm the only TU prof listed as a "Toker." Even though I'm not currently teaching, I might pick up a class again at some point down the line.