Thursday, October 06, 2005

Note to Self

When playing Reverend Emily at online Scrabble, make sure to forfeit immediately if she swaps tiles. After doing so she played FLUTIER for big money, and killed me like 400-250.

I don't think she scored less than 25 points on more than a handful of turns. Meanwhile, I played words like GEEK and DORK and MAN.

On top of this, Yahtzee clobbered me at pool on Monday. We played at Angel's Grotto, which is now L'il Dickie's. Unsurprisingly, there was nobody there--it was so dead, in fact, that the new barkeep let us play for free all night. We raised a glass--well, actually a plastic cup--to dearly departed Charlie, who'd been serving me stale Bass Ale and staler popcorn for 16 years. The Surliest Barkeep Ever has finally been canned.