Friday, March 25, 2011

Day #114

A string of 12-hour plus days (including some long weekend work days) has me in a state of semi-delirium.

In class a couple days ago I was moving around the room reading poem drafts and giving feedback. I'm sitting across from Courtly and talking about her rhyme scheme and she's looking at me but obviously not hearing what I'm saying.

"Courtly? You with me? Courtly? Do you understand what ABAB means?"

"Why your eyes blue?" she asks.

"Why are yours brown?"

"I dunno."

"Me either. Now, here's how ABAB works..."

I got to school at 6:30am yesterday to work on report cards before the kids arrived. I stayed after school 3 hours to work on report cards, and left at 6:20 to rush over to B&N at the Inner Harbor to see some of our elementary students read poetry from their newly released book. Because of cross-town traffic and Pratt St. Grand Prix construction it took 40 minutes to travel 1.7 miles and I missed it, but got there in time to see some of the kids and buy a book.

I needed several Chris Van Allsburg titles for an author study on Monday and of course B&N only had one on the shelf. They suck--it's a gigantic store and they have racks and racks of multiple-copy face-outs of the same crap; their backlist is shallower than a beauty queen's answers to current events questions. When Borders bought into this style of bookselling (letting publishers choose what goes on the shelves and slashing on-hand backlist stuff) it determined its own sad fate. So I guess I'll try Drusilla's Books this weekend, in between lesson planning, report cards, and working Cha's gigantic fundraiser Saturday.

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