Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Book #8

Mary Roach writes science a bit differently from the cats I used to read when I read lots of science. I can't imagine Carl Sagan or J. Bronowski making love in an MRI tube while being scanned during an experiment. I don't think Stephen J. Gould would ever try out a clitoral vacuum pump and then sing its praises. Well, I guess that one's a bit obvious. Stephen J. Gould would have no use for a clitoral pump unless it could teach him about evolution.

My favorite part of Bonk was reading Roach's description of an "erotic video" played during an experiment to measure female arousal. I knew right away that it was one of those Andrew Blake flicks, and I knew it was a Peter North scene even though she only mentioned the set and described the actor. Oh, the '90s!

I don't want to give you the wrong idea. Bonk is about interesting and serious stuff, though it is at times quite funny. Learn about the genital surgeon and intrepid investigator of sexual reflexes who practices in Cairo. Read about the Masters and Kinsey labs. Find out from Mary Roach herself what it's like to participate in laboratory research into our most intimate behaviors.

I liked Bonk a bit less than the Packing for Mars book, but it's still well worth a read. I'ma read Spook next.

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