Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day #112

Today I was lecturing the 7th grade boys for tearing the erasers off my pencils and using them to throw around the room. Yeah, when I was in 7th grade I spent 90% of my class time doing exactly that: tearing tiny bits of erasers in order to flick or throw them at unsuspecting victims around the room, or to pluck them into a teacher's coffee cup. But I brought my own damn pencils to class, or bought big erasers at the school store with the money I earned shoveling shit and hay at the horse farm, or working that cruddy construction job. These kids use my own erasers to throw!

But I deserve it every time a kid goofs off, talks smack, plays a prank, breaks my shit, or otherwise cuts up or disrupts my day. I was incorrigible as a student. There wasn't a teacher I didn't regard as less intelligent than myself, or worth knocking down a peg, or full of shit, or whatever. I put tacks on a teacher's chair. I drew caricatures of them which were often heartlessly cruel, I did my best to derail class on the sly by fucking with quiet kids until they blew up and then pretending I was innocent when challenged. I had the GPA to get away with that shit. When I got sent to the office the principal would pull my file and ask if there was some mistake and send me back to class.

So I deserve what I get in school. But the karmic debt is rapidly being paid, and once we achieve balance, I'll be making sure none of this shit continues happening in my classroom.

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Anonymous said...

yo, u forgot to mention pencils sticking out of your affro styled hair and the dreaded catapult concept which launched more than just one itty bitty eraser bit.

now I am laughing out lound about Lancelot at lunch smaking a food tray we had loaded with cookies, raisans, hamburger......the skies went dark for just a second.