Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day #103

MSA testing today--READING. The kids were pretty good during the test, but I was unable to do much teaching with my 2nd period or last period kids after the test was done. I got the 7th graders through a brief chunk of work and then took them to the gym. The 2nd period kids I just took outside to burn off steam in the sunshine.

During planning I had to do a verbatim reading for a kid with an IEP. That's a hard gig; I had to watch her choose her answers without saying anything. I watched her pick the correct answer and then erase and change it more than once. Aargh! Gives me specific stuff to re-teach her.

When the test is done we'll resume our investigation into other cultures' beliefs about the afterlife and underworld. I wish I'd not lost the gazillion photos I took of Mayan cenotes and ruins in the Yucatan when my old laptop died. I could reall use those now, particularly the videos of Ik-kil cenote and Lulton Cave.

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