Friday, February 25, 2011

Day #96

Sometimes it's fun to mess with the kids. Yesterday Cha made homemade cookies and when I got out my lunch at work I was surprised to find some cookies stuffed in the bag. She's so sweet.

But the problem is, whenever Cha does this I always have kids eating lunch in my room. That was the case yesterday: Akeera was using the PC to write her memoir, Desdemona was looking at magazines, and Koran was making me give him math problems to do on my dry-erase board.

Usually I don't even try to eat the cookies in this situation, I just give them up to the kids. But I wanted them, so I ate them on the down-low. And I almost made it without being noticed, too. The kids had left my room for their next class and I was working on the last cookie when I got busted by a group of sixth graders at my door. "That cookie looks good!" "You got any more of those cookies Mr. G!" "Please, please, please, I want a cookie!"

Awww, so cute! "I'm sorry," I said. "This is the last one, and I'm almost half way done. Tell you what I'll do. I'll describe to you how delicious this cookie is as I finish it right in front of you." I took a bite and made some exaggerated gestures of appreciation.

"You PETTY!" Hikeem shouted, and the group marched off in a huff. "Hold up Hikeem," I said, and the kids all turned around, thinking I would relent and share. "I just wanted to let you know that the bite I just took was even better than the other bite."

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d*ck move!