Sunday, February 06, 2011

Book #5

The kind of book you can keep on the back of your toilet for a few months until it's finished. I've read better books about sacred geometry and the intersection of mathematics and various wisdom traditions, but this one is a reasonably erudite intro to the topic. I was hoping for more depth, more sophistication--but that's my bad. Any book which touts itself as an explanation of the math behind the DaVinci Code can't be too advanced. That said, if you're a fan of that stuff you can learn about the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio here.

If you're interested in math and numerology or numerical symbology, you could get a quality overview of such material from Shesso. There are a couple gullible chapters regarding the Priory of Sion hoax, but the rest is ok.

I should note that the book is not geared toward those curious about learning how mystics use math in their contemplation of the divine or mysterious (as I'd hoped): it's actually geared toward practicing magicians who want to use mathematical applications in either spell work or astrology.

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