Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day #82

Had a long meeting yesterday to discuss plans for the boy in one of my 6th grade classes who is leaving soon for Broadway. He'll be playing (young) Simba in The Lion King, and rehearsals start soon. We're trying to arrange a goodly chunk of language arts work for him to do with his father as instructor while they are on the Great White Way.

We're going to work out the logistics of assessment soon, but we'll likely be emailing work and comments back and forth, and there's some talk of Skype lessons.

The virus I've been fighting for months, and which I thought was finally ditched last week, roared back with a vengeance last night: dry hacking cough, painful throat, weakness, and fever. WTF!?

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Shelley said...

Kind of scary to put that much pressure on a young boy (I mean the play, not the schooling! The schooling may be for him a relief....)