Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Day #86

Have to have The Talk with the 7th grade boys tomorrow. I mean The Talk. You know, sexual harrassment. I heard them saying some very disrespectful things about a paraeducator who helps me out with them in the afternoons. She's perhaps 21, fresh out of college. She's very cute, very sweet, and they treat her like an 8th grade girl. I heard them saying things about her ass and a thong and let's just say I nearly did something which would have got me fired--namely beating up 7th graders who were acting way too grown with an adult female.

So in the morning we're going to have The Talk. I might extend The Talk to include other The Talks, like the Birds and Bees in general, and/or the drugs The Talk. I mean, we have Crew in the mornings to do character-building and to develop relationships, right?

So I'll have The Talks with them. I'm tempted to use the line Mr. Steigelman used on me when I goofed off at Hereford High School: "I know 50 ways to kill a man and nobody would ever know. Do that again and you'll find out." It never worked on me; I remained a jackass until graduation.* But I can still try.

*OK, I admit it: I'm still a jackass.

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