Thursday, February 10, 2011

A brief rant

Ah, Baltimore City! I was so happy earlier this year when you re-surfaced Madison Avenue and painted the new bike lane down the street! I was even happier when you put in all the new sidewalks on my block, and the way you expanded my tree box pleased me no end. The neighborhood was so excited by these improvements that we all got together and busted out some more tree boxes and planted a few dozen trees. There was much joy.

But, being Baltimore City, you can't get anything right. After you spent all this money to put in new sidewalks and a new street and a new bike lane, etc, you sent BGE in to replace the gas lines. Bye-bye, new street and bike lane! Torn up and devestated for months on end. Also destroyed were some of the new tree boxes, and several trees we'd planted just weeks before were killed in the process!

Oh, and then, to top it off, BGE just blasted through the new sidewalks this week. They killed all the mums I'd bought and planted in my new big tree box, and the hearty pansies too. And despite their assurances that things would be restored to normal, things weren't restored to normal. The gaping holes in the sidewalks were filled in with ASPHALT. Looks great! That's some quality urban planning right there! Replace sidewalks and tarmac first, then immediately destroy all that shit to replace the gas lines.

I love B'more.

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Anonymous said...

I would suspect "corruption" if it wasn't all just so damned STUPID. I really do think it's as simple as sheer "incompetence" more than anything

:) jv