Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy Living

Just over a week into summer and I'm starting to move out of the doldrums. 2010 has been a hard year, and is only halfway done.

I've been watching a great deal of World Cup, and drinking red wine, and working out, and taking baths. And reading--glorious reading! I'm catching up on Harper's and Foreign Policy and the NYRB, and reading some fat novels to boot. I've even begun some long-overdue projects around the house: mending the back "yard" fence and clearing out some junk in the basement. I still dream of work every night, but the tone of the dreams have changed gradually from miserable to indifferent.

We're off to the beach tomorrow for four days. I plan to be impossibly lazy. When we return I'll have a bit over a week before training commences for my new job. A week-long Expeditionary Learning conference at the Hyatt downtown will help shake the cobwebs out of my head.

Today: Yahtzee is coming by to watch Brazil v. Portugal, then I'm having lunch with Julio, and then we're off to the Single Carrot theater tonight to see Tragedy: a Tragedy by Will Eno.

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