Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day -6

I heard the kids in the hall yelling "fight!" and my classroom emptied but I stayed in my chair. I just wasn't in the mood. Then I heard Ms. B the IST shrieking and I jumped up and there was a damn mob of seventh graders swirling around. I charged down the hall and started yelling and throwing bodies aside just as the fists starting flying. An 8th grade punk name of Terrence was in the middle trying to fight a 7th grader one-on-one but about 8 kids were punching him. Much as I dislike Terrence and figure he was getting what he deserved, I must admit he a warrior. I saw him take several solid blows to the face and he only became more focused and angrier in his pursuit of his quarry. There was already blood along his cheek and his eyes were puffy when I got in the mix. The tall hall monitor joined me just as I started trying to dislodge boys, fists raining down all around my head and shoulders and hitting me in the sides. She was grappling with the two main combatants so I turned my back to them, pushed them into the wall and started trying to fend off the half-dozen kids just throwing random punches at the 8th grader. I heard Miss M screaming "Y'all hittin' me, stop it!" and I was flinging kids away and then Officer Trout the young cop hottie jumped in the fray and started bangin' with her fists and stick and we had a fight on our hands.

It likely lasted 45 seconds to a minute but I felt like I was in the melee for a long time before a second cop arrived and released a blast of pepper spray. Next thing I know I'm hacking, Ms. B is hacking and crying, Ms. M is holding a rag over her face and dragging punks up the hall, and there are kids on the floor puking and hacking all around me. All the sixth graders were running up and asking if I was alright and hugging me and saying "You were taking some hits Godfrey! Your face all red! You okay?" and whacking me on the back and handing me wet paper towels.

Yeah, I'm okay. The 8th grader's face was a mess, however, as were several other boys'. I think B'more's finest took 5 or 6 young men out in cuffs, and hopefully their summer vacation starts a few days early and I'll never see their sorry asses again.

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