Monday, June 07, 2010

Day -8

Two job offers came in. Each is a major step up from what I've suffered the last three years. Each is very challenging, with some difficult kids. One is a diverse middle school with large percentages of Latinos and whites which wants me to stick faithfully to the wooden and rote learning model espoused by B'more City headquarters. The other is a dream job, a charter school which runs outside the City school system with the full blessings of the City school system. Were I to accept it, I would be teaching a combination of History, Social Studies, and Language Arts under the title "Humanities." There would be a lot of work involved in collaborative planning with other teachers, and doing arts integration lessons, and long-term projects. But I'm really leaning that way. No more fucking standardized tests, no more worrying about required useless crap stapled to my walls. I can concentrate on teaching? Whoa! I'll have to take and pass the Praxis II in History this summer, but how hard can that be? I'll also have to do a week-long training in July for something called Expeditionary Learning. Bring it on!

I haven't signed anything yet, but I know where I'm leaning. First I need to get through 8 more days at The March. But I'm moving from Hell to Purgatory with this news. Perhaps I'll get to Paradise yet.


ellen cherry said...

I heard from Pat this afternoon, congratulations!! can't wait to celebrate at the beach. i'm leaning towards the Charter school. i did my residency there last year and it seemed really great.

Felicity said...