Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day -10

In order to get my kids through the final Benchmark Test I had to bribe them with free time. "You work on your test, you take it seriously, and I will give you 15 minutes free time at the end of class." So we got through it and I collected the tests and I put on some Michael Jackson and the kids were on the computers and hanging out and it was all good. And then some jackasses from the City rolled up in my room and scowled at me and walked out. Ten minutes later the Big Fat Cheese gets on the horn: "Teachers, I want to remind you that school ends in two weeks. Give your kids meaningful activities. Do not show movies or have them lying around your room listening to music."


There are teachers who stopped teaching in November. I've been slogging my kids through lessons every day. They are still reading novels, doing drills and class work, and learning grammar. We have a test every Friday on new material. Half the staff is playing board games and watching videos in class every day.

And I get nailed by a surprise inspection. Mutha fucka!

Oh, well. Who gives rat's ass? The kids running the halls are dismantling the building. Every day there are new and bigger holes in the drywall. Today someone pulled the fire alarm (which happens very regularly). We got the all clear and stayed in our rooms waiting for some lazy ass to get around to shutting down the screeching and piercing siren. Then someone rolled up an old carpet on the third floor and lit it with paper balls and we had a real fire. Building evacuated for arson for the sixth time this year by my count. We only had three of those last year.

Speaking of loud noises, I went to the Michael Franti/Wailers show at Pier Six last Saturday. I never expected that concert to be loud. It was deafening. I still haven't recovered, and wonder if I ever will. Shit was louder than Slayer, and I would know. What the fuck is up with that? I think the sound dudes blew out their own ears on the Wailers, and had to turn it up so loud for Franti to compensate that they made his show into a wall of indistinguishable sound. I can barely hear.

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ellen cherry said...

the sound reinforcement at Pier Six sucks. i don't know what they are doing there, but I have never heard a good show there. There's one seat, right in the middle, where it's not all a complete wash of bass or screeching treble and apparently that seat must $1,000 and through some magical tunnel where you need passwords and sh*t. the rest is just a loud muddled mess. protect those ears!! you need them for convo on the beach.