Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day -11

I went in yesterday following the three-day weekend with a heavy sense of foreboding, but it turned out to be a very chill day. Aside from the fact the AC is still haywire and we can't open the windows, everything was cool.

Of course there were fewer than 10 students in my classes. As the year progresses their attendance fluctuates as wildly as the staff's.

Still no definitive answer on the job search. East side elementary/middle by Patterson Park wants a 3rd interview tomorrow after school. High school in Hampden wants a conference call interview (again, a 3rd). Cool project-based expeditionary learning charter is satisfied about everything except they want to check my references and get back to me. So, I wait.

I'm starting to see the kids at The March in a different light now that I'm not going to be there next year. Yes, they are for the most part twisted, wounded, and feral little souls with no consideration and not a drop of compassion, but I am going to miss them and I hope they make it.

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ellen cherry said...

your capacity for compassion overwhelms. i find hope in that.