Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day -7

An administrator got on the horn today and made a testy announcement about teachers taking down their bulletin boards and classroom decor too early. I'm guilty. I've not taken down all my boards--only half--but I've taken down everything else. I've packed up all my books, I've brought 80% of my stuff home. By Friday of this week I want to be done loading and hauling, so that next week I can fly out the door on Wednesday without a care in the world.

The administrator made the point that taking down the bulletin board displays outside our classrooms was making the school look bad, and we had many visitors coming in over the final week. So far as I know no teacher has taken down a hall display early; rather, the herds of students running through the halls are responsible. I had to remove some decorative borders this week because they were ripped and torn or besmirched by graffiti, but I left up student work and unit and assignment rubrics. But while the sixth graders were participating in an assembly yesterday those whose behavior had excluded them from the gathering ran around the school trashing class rooms and wreaking havoc. They dismantled my board and wrote "Ms. Turner a bich" in magic marker on the orange base paper. (The absence of linking verb and the mis-spelling of "bitch" means the culprit is obviously not my student.)

So once again, if the administrator in question actually went out into the hallway once in a while and saw the state of the school, she would not be scolding teachers for something beyond their control. As for not tearing down the insides of class rooms early? Every soul in that building is desperate to escape, and ASAP.

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