Friday, March 19, 2010

Day to Day

More fights in and around school yesterday, including a big one at the corner of North and 25th, off-campus and at the bus stop. As I drove by on my way home I saw five police cruisers rolling up and a herd of stampeding belligerents and spectators was swarming in all directions across the Avenue and out into the neighborhoods. Gonna be a long, hot spring. Already we've got temps in the 70s, the dogwoods and cherry blossoms are poppin', and the kids' hormones are in high gear.

On my way to work this morning I stopped at the light at North and Park. A young woman on the corner started smiling and waving and I thought "Why is she being so friendly?" before realizing that I was being solicited by a prostitute just a couple blocks from my house. Usually I don't see them until I get a couple miles east. They work 25th near Harford Road, which is right around the corner from my school. I've never seen one so obviously soliciting along such a busy corridor in such an obvious spot during rush hour before. Again, it's gonna be a long, hot spring...

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