Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Day #100

West Side earned 30 minutes of detention for jawing the entirety of second period on his second day at the March. I kept many of his class mates as well. When I was done the math teacher wanted West Side for more detention. West Side kicked a chair and yelled expletives, and Mr. E said "that shit might work at your old school but it don't work with me. Kick another chair and you'll be here until 4:30pm."

I busted through a crowd of 30 cheering 6th and 7th graders to get into the Boys room outside my class where there was a six-man Fight Club in process. I had to fling kids aside who were trying to prevent me from breaking it up.

I'm tired, cranky, bored teaching the required testing materials. I wish they'd let me teach the way I like. The kids are bored and acting out because they can sense when I ain't "feelin' it." Everyone is on edge and the kids bust my balls and I punish them with detention and phone calls.

Mr. C, one of the Filipinos, is so sick of getting cussed out that he's taken to giving as good as he gets. I heard him telling a kid "oh yes? Well give the fucking to your mother as well!" This is a man whose every second word is Jesus or Our Lord and Saviour. The City schools went to Manila to recruit his ass and drag him away from his family so 11 year old East Siders could cuss him out. A damn shame.

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