Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Day #99

I knew we would start getting chuckleheads put out of other schools. It's only my 3rd year in the City schools but I've learned some things. Sure enough, I had a transfer in my second period class today and he already throwin' up gang signs in class and talking about bringing his pistol up in school. I looked at his paper and he from some West Side shit-hole a couple miles from the Book. School where they had a police shoot-out with gangs two years back and a six-hour lock-down.

So West Side calls one of my troublesome East Siders a "stupid whore," which precipitates a bit of a mess in my room. After I clear things up and get East Side under control I have to take West Side aside and tell him "Things a little different over here. They play a little bit but if they don't know you they assume you are serious. I know you were joking but you best learn who you can and can't mess with before shooting your mouth off. Some of these kids got friends in the streets who go hard. Watch who you call names on your first day."

West Side is a punk. I know it already. He's defiant, rebellious, and he is going to make class time fun. But I will watch his back until he knows better or he doesn't.

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