Friday, March 26, 2010

Day #111

When I left school yesterday afternoon there had been another melee on campus. An 8th grader was describing it to another teacher when I walked over: "These girls was beefing and then they started throwing down and next thing you know they all jumped in, people standing around, everybody banging and then some niggaz from the 'hood is in there fighting and they knock some old lady down and she jump up and banging back and then the po-pos came."

I saw the school police officers lazily trailing off after a crew of 8th grade girls. The "old" woman, likely in her mid-30s, was coming down the sidewalk, a bit dishevelled but none too worse for wear. She was escorting a lovely young woman with a swollen purple eye and a bloodied nose. Three neighborhood toughs were there too, smoking blunts and looking fly in their swag. The woman with blood on her face was saying "you all bang on a girl like this, uh-huh, it's just a swole eye, you ain't be punching no nigga in the face I bet, buncha punks." The toughs were high-fiving and laughing. "Best get some makeup on yo eye," one said. "I'ma seal the other one up to match it!" another replied. The "old" woman screamed "shut up! Get outta here you punks. Jumping in on a school fight and knocking fists with children and women!" The toughs found this very amusing. They paused and each in turn exchanged intricate handshakes with the 8th grader telling the story before moving along.

The police needed to be following these guys, not those girls...

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