Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day #108

Had my second formal observation of the year today. Went very well, and I had nothing but positive feedback afterward. This time the AP did it (he used to be my P over at the Book) instead of the Big Cheese.

Of course my first formal observation went very well too, and I still got trashed on my mid-year performance review. We'll see how this pans out.

I'm registering for the voluntary transfer fair in May--B'more teachers who have at least 2 years in the system can go and interview for open positions. I'm definitely going to try and move for next year. I'd like a charter school, or maybe a high school. Might be time to try something new and different.

The kids are OFF THE CHAIN! The MSA is done, Spring Break starts Saturday, and they are NUTS. I find it hilarious that the administrators are trying to do formal observations this week, with hordes of kids running around the building without passes, tearing shit off the walls and whooping it up. Kids are busting in my room and hitting students with shit and running out: I've had students hit with dictionaries and backpacks and shoes in the head this week, while sitting innocently in class.

Three more days and we get a nice breather.

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