Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day #85

No school today--professional development for teachers today and tomorrow. I took a personal day today and will use sick time tomorrow; this is what my IST at the Book told me to do during the January professional developments, and I think it's a good plan. I have never been to a useful professional development, and this is my 3rd year in the Baltimore City school system. Besides, I have yet another cold/sore throat.

The big news from today's faculty meeting (I heard through FB) is that the March is being zero-based. This means the entire staff has to re-apply for their jobs. The Big Cheese apparently told everyone that 50% of the staff will be let go as "incompetent" based on standardized test data, and once that happens they will be ineligible for re-hire.

Sounds like bullshit scare tactics to me--how can they shit-can half the staff as "incompetent" and then say everyone can reapply for their jobs? What criteria measure "incompetence"? The acting principal has been in my room exactly once this entire year, and never gave any feedback. No faculty member has received feedback following their formal observations in the Fall. Some big wigs from headquarters have moved through the school from time-to-time, but nobody has been in the building long enough to say someone is "incompetent."

Word from the Mrs. is that the Book wants me back, and at least two other schools (a good middle and a challenging and impressive charter high school) are asking what my plans are for next year. What to do, what to do?



Anonymous said...

the best thing that could happen to you (and the worst thing that could happen to them) is for you to be fired as incompetent.

no joke.

:) jv

Anonymous said...

u r incompetent so what r u crying about? U can not even win a game of dominoes....bawhahahahaa

the school system, just like all other 'systems' are just screwed up. Lets go back to Europe and get lost...