Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day #71

Six Faces cussed me out and stormed out of class. She had an IEP meeting three weeks ago where heavy evidence was presented that she needs to be moved out of the general ed setting and into the emotionally disturbed wing. She had broken a child's two front teeth, sexually assaulted the phys ed teacher, and put on a strip-tease for fellow students in the locker room just in the previous couple of days. Her mother even requested she be moved to a self-contained setting, and still she sits in the gen ed class room. What needs to be done?

Last period she was confronted in the hallway because she had no pass by The Price is Right. The Price is Right is one of the toughest teachers in the building. She scare me to death. Six Faces cussed at her and The Price is Right was having none of that. Next thing I know Six Faces is kicking and punching and The Price has her by the arm and the fight is spilling into my room.

Like I said on the report I prepared for her IEP meeting: danger to self and others! This child needs more direct services than she receives in gen ed. She is very intelligent, but is incapable of controlling her impulses, even under a barrage of meds. Her impulses are violent and sexually aggressive. When she's in class no teaching can happen for anyone. It's getting ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like she needs that school for the X-Men...

:) jv