Monday, January 25, 2010


I try to keep my reading material relatively high-brow for the most part, but occasionally I like to bottom feed. I enjoy conspiracy theories, books about aliens, true crime, hauntings, etc. In Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are I've plumbed the absolute depths. This is by far and away the worst book I have ever read. It is confused, pointless, meandering, and achieves spectacular new degrees of non-sequitur. Next to this a book like Intruders by Budd Hopkins is The Golden Fucking Bowl, and Whitley Striber's Communion is À la recherche du temps perdu.

But even a piece of shit like Frissel's can be accidentally entertaining at points. I like the stupid ass excursion into the Eye of Horus trainings inflicted on priests by Akhunaton, and the long story about Grey Aliens from Mars taking over half of Atlantis was rather amusing.

Reminds me of Uncle Area 51, who when drunk on vodka bloody marys will first disparage minorities, and when that's finally out of his system he'll tell you about the Philadelphia Experiment and his buddy who ended up embedded in a bulkhead 30 years in the future for a while. Or about the German homeless guy who used to come into the bookstore and call me "Mr. Communist Man" because I was always tasked with ejecting him. He said he was running for Congress in North Carolina, but for some reason chose Towson, MD as his base of operations. One day as we were ejecting him for annoying patrons he complained that we were destroying his 'files.' The 'files' were a bag of coat hangers and a hand-written list of every US president including party affiliation and eye color.

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