Friday, January 15, 2010

Day #78

man, after two days off sick I will still quite weak and woozy, but the kids cut me no slack at all. They were clinging on me, jumping on me, hugging me, asking where I be at--I very quickly had to get back in the swing of things. By second period they were frustrating me and seriously getting on my nerves and I lost my cool a bit and called some kids "dummies," which i hate doing, but it always gets their attention, and they were justified in saying back "we ain't dummies," to which I responded "then stop acting like you are." And we were cool again.

But despite the desperate, cloying neediness, it's nice to feel needed, and to be missed. The kids said rumors were going around that I got locked up or was dead, because G. don't take no sick time.


We're off this evening to impose on John and Leesha in Manhattan for a couple of days...over and out!

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