Monday, January 11, 2010

Day #75

Meeting after school today for the Language Arts teachers. We have to teach to the tests for the next two months: no novels, no literary fiction, nothing of value. Everything has to be the bland sort of social studies or science informational articles found on the tests. Any fiction must be clear-cut and a couple levels down from grade level for skills practice. Any writing must be Brief Constructed Responses. Yawn. If that's the case I'm not teaching anything. I'm setting up stations around the room. The kids can move in groups from station to station, reading here, writing there, working on web quests over yonder. I'ma sit back and watch them practice and tally their scores at the end.

The only skills we haven't covered yet are drama and poetry, and I'll tie those up this week. From now on it's rehearsal for the No Child Left Behind data dump.

AFTER the test we'll do some creative and fun stuff. You know, like learning.

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