Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day #76

Hey Moe! is a wild man. He'll tell me at the beginning of class that if he doesn't get his way, I won't get any teaching done. Then he'll start running amok until I either send him to the office or stand in front of the room with his head under my arm (for some reason he enjoys this--he's like a duckling or something with his head under a wing--if he stirs all I have to do is knock my knuckle on his head and he'll stop and stand still).

But his behavior has been more ridiculous than ever of late. Today his mom brought a bag to class after I phoned her up for the umpteenth time. Inside was a loaf of bread, a packet of corned beef, and two Pepsis. "Here is Hey Moe!'s lunch for the next few days. If he don't act right I want you to eat it in front of him."

All day I threatened Hey Moe! He got out of his seat without permission: "I'ma eat your food!" "NO!" he'd say, rushing back to his chair. He started folding up a paper football: "I'ma eat your corned beef!" "NO!" Paper football in the recycling bag, just like that!

Of course I don't eat beef. But I can give his sandwiches to other students. I'll use any trick available.

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Anonymous said...

HA! I LOVE this!!!!
:) jv