Friday, May 15, 2009

I hardly care anymore, but...

I'm paying modest attention to the furor over Pelosi and her claim that the CIA misled her. Funny how the "liberal" media all circle the wagons to protect CIA in such situations, as if the CIA has never been caught lying to Congress before. Ridiculous. Uh, former Senator Bob Graham also says the CIA lied to him as well, but he's not as convenient a target, being a staid Florida "moderate" instead of a "San Francisco lefty."

I don't care if Leon Panetta has documents out the wazoo. The CIA specializes in forging documents in order to mis-lead Congress. Who forged the Italian yellowcake docs? Nobody knows yet. Hmmmm?

Oh, and Mr. Obama: release the photos. Everyone in the Middle East already knows what our interrogators and soldiers were up to in Abu Ghraib. The only reason you're keeping them secret is to protect American citizens from the truth (or, to protect public officials from the wrath of an informed public). Release the photos. Get this mess out in the open NOW, or it will fester and set horrible precedents, and when I am 70 we will be going through another torture scandal bemoaning your failure to put people in jail for violating our laws and commitments and treaties and principles.


Casey said...

Bingo. Perfectly said, an it means I don't need to put my very similar thoughts on screen.

Nyarlathotep said...

To its credit, that bastion of "liberal" media, the NYT, actually mentions Graham and his diligent note-taking ways on its front page today. Graham's notes contradict not only the content of his intelligence briefings at the time, but contest the very dates the Agency claimed to have me with him, and the number of briefings.

Graham records every activity, as is well-reported by his associates and media outlets through the years.