Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 82

Another last period spent outside on the field because of a middle school arsonist. Today they set the display case outside my room on fire, causing actual damage unlike yesterday's trash can fire. I heard Miss J next door say that she smelled smoke, we poked our heads out and saw flames shooting up to the ceiling. The fact the fire was visible and hotly engaged made it a lot of fun to get my sixth graders downstairs, particularly the panicking asthmatics.

We stood outside for an hour while the fire department and arson investigation squad checked the building. I had to protect my sixth graders from horrors like dragon flies, which send them into paroxysms of fear.

The kid who set the fire is one of the kids who is always in the hall causing trouble, but the administration seems to ignore him and let him do whatever he wants. As the Big Cheese always tells us: Consistency, Accountability, Communication.

Are there really still 3.5 weeks left in this year? Good God.


Anonymous said...

at least they CONSISTANTLY ignore him?

:) jv

Anonymous said...

I swear the little cherubs are going to cap you one day...
Then Ruby is going to have The Very Special Blog Sothoth entry.