Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day 79

So I have kind of adopted the 6th grade girl who "had sex" with an 8th grader in the teacher's lounge. Before homeroom I let her sit in my class and use colored pencils and markers. She steals them typically, along with sticker books and post cards or whatever other loot she can find, but so long as she's safe and sitting quietly I don't mind.

But I can tell when she hasn't taken her meds, and I knew it this morning. I warned the sixth grade administrator and I sent her immediately out of my last period class to the assistant principal because she was climbing the walls and I know how volatile she gets, throwing chairs, stabbing with pencils, performing lewd acts, etc.

So the administrator sends her BACK TO MY ROOM, where she promptly stabs another boy with a pencil. He jumps up, pushes back, and is promptly pummeled into a bloody mess. Pulling them apart, I get blood on my shirt, my hands, my pants. There is blood all over my desk, my window, and my ungraded papers. Then I hear about "controlling my classroom" from the same administrator, who knows bloody well this girl is uncontrollable off her meds.

Poor MacEnroe. He got his ass whooped. He kept trying to tell me he hit his head on the window, that's why he was bloody. "She ain't beat me, Mr. G" he said. "I hit my nose on your window!"

Yeah, after she slugged you two heavy ones to the jaw and nose first!

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