Sunday, May 03, 2009

Friday's Gig

Geoff on lead guitar, originally uploaded by Phil Romans.

(thanks to Phil Romans for posting some nice pics of the show)

Right before we went on Friday Drew said "Bm G A Em--got it?" and then we played "Message in a Bottle" to open. We'd never played it before, and it came off pretty well. This incarnation of Seamus is about 14 months old and we're actually a band now.

But there were problems Friday. My guitar sound was intermittent, and I kept losing the signal completely. I thought it was a pedal problem at first because it happened primarily during lead breaks. I switched cables and it happened again, and then I started to worry that my electronics might be loose and/or fried again. But I borrowed another cable from Drew in set three and then we were problem-free. Turned out that both cables I used were faulty. The tech problems weren't simply mine: at one point Mark's bass drum pedal came unhinged mid-song.

We hadn't rehearsed or played together in a month so some endings were rough, but aside from the tech troubles I thought it went well for a Mick O'Shea's gig. They didn't even ask us to turn down!

Looking forward to playing Lucy's again on the 23rd. We've got a regular gig there now, every 3rd Saturday.

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