Monday, May 04, 2009

Day 78

Half my 3rd period class came in more than 10 minutes late, so I wrote each and every one of them a cut slip. They were all cussing me out and complaining and I handed all the slips for delivery to the hall monitor. Then a bunch of kids burst in my door trying to fight someone, and then several kids from my class got called down the office for smoking weed in the hallways--ON CAMERA. Dumbasses.

So I'd been trying to get a class which was half-high and half-indignant under control, all the while k-shawn was yelling at me "Mr. Godfrey you might as well go back to teach college 'cuz these motherfuckas don't care, they don't want help, and they are hopeless."

"I refuse to accept that," I shouted back over the din.

"You need to accept what's true," she replied.

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