Thursday, May 07, 2009

Day 80

I wish it weren't illegal to film my classes and post them on the internet because I'd like for you to see what it's like to have 25 kids all demanding your individual attention at one time while a couple others who have no adult male in their lives are clinging to you like toddlers and WW2 is scaling the bookcase telling you how "petty" you are for putting his name on the phone call list.

I leave work so tired.

I heard all week the stories about Shake: he's perpetually getting tricked into doing stuff by the "it" girls, and they abuse him mercilessly, and yet he allows them to manipulate him over and over. The girls are plain and simply evil, and their cruelty is far beyond the boys' doltish and poltroonish "meat check" behavior. Shake just doesn't learn. Early this week the "it" girls convinced him they wanted to see his penis, so he showed it to them, and they took a picture with a cell phone of his shriveled weenis which is now in the public domain. Everyone is "packing" and "riding" his genitalia, and then the poor dolt comes to me and tells me he needs to talk to me about "something serious." I knew what was coming, and I wasn't up to the task. I mean, how can you console a kid in that situation? "Tell 'em you're a grower, not a shower, Shake. It's all good!"

I did the best I could. Shake showed up for class today and was in much better spirits, even when he said "I'll fuck you up!" to somebody who teased him and the class responded in unison "with what?"

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