Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Didn't have to work this morning, but woke up early anyhow. Walked over to Beth Am to vote. Voted Green for City Council Pres, but all the other candidates were unopposed Dems, or virtually unopposed in the case of mayor. I wrote in friends for these slots.

Got a lot of homework done this morning. Big presentation today in Multiculutural ED on GLBT issues in the classroom, and then that class is finito. We started Technology for Teachers yesterday, which meets for four hours twice a week and which will hopefully be less Kindgergartenesque then the other courses so far. My Tuesday night class meets only two more times, and the Saturday class wraps up on December 8th. If I can get through the huge final projects for these classes I will be in good shape. December and January are relatively light months. The Spring is light in terms of graduate classes, but I do have to take over Lukie's classes full-time and write my own lesson plans, etc. That oughtta be a blast.

I'm tired, and wish I could be lazy. But the next three or four weeks are simply jam-packed.


Silenus said...

Is there to be no Blog-Sothoth endorsement of a Democratic Presidential nominee? The masses are waiting for your lead!

Nyarlathotep said...

I endorse useful things here, like red wines and exercise equipment. Democratic candidates have yet to prove their usefulness. As soon as one does, I'll be happy to issue an endorsement.