Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 50

The kids are nuts. Nat was wearing pink sunglasses, a purple hoody, and a cap that said "Wasted." He was dancing in the hall. TJ was humping a black crate we use to hold classwork folders. The crate sits on top of the radiator, and TJ was moaning and slapping it on the sides. "That crate all right," he said. "I showed it who's boss." Shakeera laughed at this, and Moneesha called TJ a clown. TJ said "Shut up Diana Ross." Montrice managed to put paper airplanes made out of 1X1 colored Post-Its in the ceiling. We got very little teaching done in first period.

We had an assembly for eighth grade today during second period. The Baltimore City Police planned to do a gang awareness presentation. It took 43 minutes to get the assembled students quiet. As soon as they shut up the police officer said "I can't show you the presentation because you wasted all the time I had with your foolishness." After that it was chaos for another fifteen minutes until we cleared the hall.

During third period some of the kids in the back of the class were laughing and I could not see what was causing the commotion. I finally got to the back of the room and realized that Lukie's new laptop was on screensaver mode, and she had pictures of the teacher karaoke night from a few weeks back cycling on its 17 inch HD screen. The kids had seen Mr. C chugging a beer, Lukie and Miss Soule hugging each other and singing, a close-up shot of Miss T.'s ass, a picture of all of us dancing with beers in our fists.

We're not going to hear the end of that any time soon.

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