Sunday, November 11, 2007

A reasonable turnout

A reasonable turnout, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

And yes, the DJ played "Free Bird."


Silenus said...

possible other play list suggestions for your generation?:

1. thick as a brick.
2. war pigs.
3. court of the crimson king
4. anything by elton john, little feet, or yes.
5. don't fear the reaper

Nyarlathotep said...

War Pigs would fly, as would Little Feet (any southern rock was big at Hereford in the '80s). Yes would have a niche following, as would Jethro Tull (outside of Aqualung, which had wide appeal).

And of course, Blue Oyster Cult is eternal. My friend has a student at MICA who does oil paintings in the vein of Medieval illuminated manuscripts with BOC lyrics translated into Latin.

King Crimson would fall outside the purview of my class, excepting a handfull of members, but Rob Base and The Cure and The Dead Kennedys had some pull. Elton John? Nope. More like The Doors and Led Zep and Neil Young.

AND PINK FLOYD THE WALL! Comfortably Numb was playing when we arrived, fashionably late.

Michael Davidson said...

Oh come on now! You're forgetting that our brainiacs in our senior class never listened to the words and decided that Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" would be a brilliant, up-beat song for Prom!

True story.