Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nice Things

Sigh. My wife borrowed my new camera last week to take pictures at a school event. She had resisted the purchase of a new camera because our old one was "fine," but once I got the new one* Cha used it quite often because it was "so much better."

I had planned to take some pictures when I noticed the camera missing from my desk. I felt the tingly alarm I often feel when Cha uses something I hold dear. Sure enough, when she came home from work she said "Something terrible happened to your camera." [Note the absence of an active agent in that sentence.] She'd apparently jammed the camera into a bag with her laptop and staplers and scissors and an LCD projector, and likely flung everything into the trunk, or onto the hard floor in a school auditorium. She's always got two or three bags of stuff that she hurls against walls or into corners without concern for the contents' fragility as she rushes busily off.

The camera got smashed. The screen is cracked, and although it still takes pictures I can't upload them to the computer, nor can I adjust the flash or settings.

I didn't even have to tell her: "We can't have any nice things," because after repeated use of the phrase she now says this herself.

The camera certainly wasn't irreplaceable, but it took good pictures and was very easy to use. Now to replace it we have another needless expense.

I won't even tell you what she did to the computer last week.

*A very nice Xmas gift from Mom.


Anonymous said...

Geoff: Consider replacing your broken camera with this:


It's virtually indestructible. I went scuba diving last week with someone who had this camera - - -it takes great pictures. Did I tell you Viv lost our camera? I used that as an excuse to buy this:

- - - Which is what I used at ‘lishas wedding. The resolution is slightly better than the Olympus, but no where near as rugged.


geoff said...

Hey Jack--thanks for the recs.

I was thinking about this camera because of the price and image quality. It isn't water-/crush-/freeze- proof however. If I could find one with a GPS chip and all those features it would be the equivalent of Pat-proof!

Bibs lost your camera? Ouch. Glad to know you regarded that as an opportunity.

alicia said...

The first camera Jack recommended is our little camera that took all the movies of the Sealions! It's a great camera, once you use the correct settings, the pictures come out great. And I dropped it a few times and it's fine. John shopped around online and get a pretty good deal.

geoff said...

That did take great pictures, and the underwater vids were awesome.

Decisions, decisions. Whatever I buy I'll be hiding it from the Mrs.

Anonymous said...

Were you kidding about the camera with the GPS? This is an add on for a sony cybershot.


The Olympus has a built in manometer - - - why, I don't know - - - Street price for the olympus 770 sw is around $300.

And yes, anytime I get to purchase a new gadget - - - no matter what the reason - - - I consider it an opportunity!

Geoff's Mom said...

Gee, you had this one for 6 months! I should have mentioned that it was for you only (I think I gave Pat a separate gift which means that was yours). I'll have to rethink future gifts!

geoff said...

See what happens when you teach your kids to share? If you let me be a selfish bastard I'd still have my camera.