Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

Billboard for Smyth Jewelers in the Charles Village Arts District. The National Bohemian logo proposes to the Utz potato chip girl.

Utz is actually a Hanover, PA, company. Hanover is the snack food capital of the world.

UPDATE: What does it say about the vacuity of our culture when advertising logos become sufficiently iconic to serve as celebrity spokesmen for other advertisers?


Heather said...

I hope those two don't have kids -- I think they're already related, and we don't need any more cherubic, alcoholic, salt-addled cyclopes running around Baltimore.

geoff said...

You must have been to Hon Fest!

geoff said...

Is the Utz girl even of age?

Omar said...

It says that logos, especially of local brands, make powerful statements. I wasn't from Baltimore and the billboard grabbed my attention.