Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Library

The Liberry, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

Got about 75% of the books unpacked and organized last weekend. The remaining books--largely art books and mass market paperbacks--will remain in a closet until we get more cases.

I have five boxes of books to sell and/or donate, and will likely have more as I continue to purge.


ellen cherry said...

sell your good books to your local indie musician aching for good things to read. glad you got a new camera and great to see you guys on Saturday!

ps. i got my learner's permit and we're looking at bikes tonight (again.)

geoff said...

You're free to skim through the purged stuff any time. $5 a bagfull!

Congratulations on the permit! I knew you could do it. Raj won't be pleased--he thinks you're taking an enormous risk. I argued that if you (God forbid) dump your bike you can go through an amphetamine addiction and a Born Again phase, documenting everything in a series of challenging and eclectic albums.

You rocked on Saturday. The word-of-mouth was very positive, and I'm not just counting the "roving Hampdenite" with two teeth.