Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here we go

Dear Bush Arse-Licking Friends:

You all thought I was just a dumb peacenik when I warned you pre-war what was likely to happen in Iraq.

Do you recall scoffing when I told you Bush and his coterie of neo-con jackoffs would try to run their Iraq venture on the cheap, fucking everything up badly?

Do you recall scoffing when I said Iran would be emboldened and active in Iraq on a scale we couldn't match as the country descended into sectarian turmoil?

Do you recall scoffing when I said Turkey would find some pretext to attack the Kurds in northern Iraq?

I'm three for three so far. How's your score sheet? And don't pull that "liberal media not reporting the good news" bullshit. Nobody buys that anymore.

I'm defrosting a big crow pie in my microwave. Dinner starts promptly at 6 this evening.




RFM said...

I'm not coming to dinner no matter how you fix the crow! Let me know who shows up!

Shimmy said...

Excellent post!

Whatever happens, don't invite Ann Coulter. Unless you're serving an entree of dead people.