Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesterday was Leesha and Big Red's wedding rehearsal. The priest was a no-show, so Cha and Leesha did their best to organize everyone for a couple basic run-throughs.

"I cursed a priest."

Exhausted from her labors, the flower girl found a small desk at the rehearsal dinner. It was intended of course for decoration, but Emily thought it a practical and inviting nook for the consumption of chicken fingers and fries.

The cutest picture evah.

For much of dinner the flower girl and ringbearer treated Tita Leesha like a jungle gym.

Much later I fell victim to the same treatment.


John Vondracek said...

you can TELL I've been busy when there are, literally, 10 updates to this blog that hadn't had a chance to read yet

loved the robin story... I had an experience like that when I was a kid too... but let's face it... that picture of Emily just steals the thunder of ANY of the other posts

how many years in purgatory do you GEt for cursing God and His Employees? Although WAIT... didn't they just say there IS no purgatory anymore?!?!?!?! I guess it's straight to HELL for ME then!!!

:) jv

geoff said...

A few more days and you won't be reading the Internet AT ALL.

Unless they have a 'net cafe in the Galapagos.

I think the purgatory exemption was granted only for unbaptised infants. Or something. You're doomed.

Anonymous said...

See you tomorrow - - - Jack

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10. Because there is a God.

9. To make a little more room for everyone else.

8. Bacon.

7. Vowed he would rather die than accept homosexual marriage.

6. The prophet George W. Bush smited him for a lack of loyalty.

5. Found out that the Earth orbits the Sun.

4. Refused to drink Pat Robertson's special health shakes.

3. Choked to death on his own hypocrisy.

2. Died of suffocation, cowering in his closet, waiting for the Rapture.

1. To prove that only the good die young.