Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Receiving good customer service is always a pleasure, but after Prostatis Tax and Comcast treated me shabbily the effect was multiplied. I must relate that there are still organizations where customers ae treated reasonably and sympathetically.

I ordered a package from Amazon two weeks ago, and it was shipped shortly thereafter. I used a Gift Certificate to pay, and bought enough to qualify for free shipping. The book was marked as "delivered" via Amazon's package tracking capabilities last week, but I had not received it. I waited a couple days to see if the carrier had left it with a neighbor, but that turned out to be a false hope.

I emailed Amazon telling them that my order was marked "delivered" but I'd not received it. No less than four hours later a replacement shipment was in the mail at no cost to me, and I didn't have to fill in forms or complain to the USPS. And the email notifying me contained an APOLOGY and a PROMISE TO DO BETTER.

This wasn't even Amazon's fault. The mail carrier either lost it, mis-delivered it, or left it to be stolen off my stoop. And yet Amazon assumed full responsibilty. On a gift certificate reward order, for the delivery of which they'd paid shipping.

At Prostatis, greed trumps competence and accountability, and at Comcast the customer is immediately assumed to be either mentally deficient or lying.

Amazon didn't even ask me questions. They didn't suspect me of shenanigans or subject me to abuse or never-ending phone queues. At Amazon they do things right.

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nora said...

Amazon has the bset customer service I have ever encounterd. It's almost pleasant to have a problem with them.