Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Day rally 2007

May Day rally 2007, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

Seth took some shots of a May Day rally in Chicago. Don't know that anything similar was going on 'round here.

Watched some French TV online--after a story about Le Pen calling for a boycott of the Presidential election (the choice between Sarkozy and Segolene does not please the extreme right)--much of the remaining half hour was filled with stories about labor issues and socialist politics. I didn't watch any US news yesterday, but doubt somehow that was the case here.


Anonymous said...

Doing OK? Busy, busy but think you might enjoy this:

her whole new album is incredible.


Seth Anderson said...

From Union Park (1500 block, west) to Desplaines (600 block west), then turning to go south (to I'd say 1200 block south), or over 2 miles of marchers. However, last year, the march lasted at least 4 hours along the same route (albeit, one block north).

Google map

geoff said...

Nick--doing well, but also busy. Every weekend filled with events/obligations and stretching into eternity. Hope you guys are well.

I've been hearing Amy's stuff on 89.7 in the mornings--most often the rehab song.

Seth--I suppose the anti-immigrant fervor has died off a bit, and some of the most hysterical wingnuts lost their seats in '06. Less impetus to get out and march.

Nick said...

Doing well--sorry so off tropic. Towson's playing Rehab, that's good--you like? ran 5.5 miles today, big for me,.

geoff said...

There's no topic here!

I was doing the six milers last year until July when i blew out my foot. Haven't run since, d'oh! Watch out!