Saturday, May 26, 2007

Enter Sandman

We missed Spiderman 3 at the Historic Senator Theater, but saw it tonight at the Rotunda. Some flick called The Waitress was playing in the other theater, and a large number of octogenarians were waiting in line for that. Many of them were saddened when they couldn't get a ticket after it sold out, and opted to see Spiderman instead.

Good Lord. I thought teenagers in movie theaters were bad.

The woman next to me kept up a running commentary: "What's that thing? This chair is broken. I can't hear. This is crazy. Who's that man? I bet he comes back again! Who would marry that pipsqueak? See, I knew he would come back! That's that fella from Wings, isn't it? He's always playing dumb guys. Who could like this?"

Her companion was no better: "Your seat ain't broken, you just have to put it down before you sit on it. That gal is ugly. All these fellas in their tight costumes are light in the loafers. Who's that guy? Why is the mirror talking?"

There was an old guy two rows down from us who shouted everything that happened: "That's Stan Lee, fer Christ's sake! That's Thomas Haden Church! Look at that, he sliced him with a blade! That's a sticky mess! He's throwing bombs!"

It was hell. I didn't much like the movie anyhow, but admired Thomas Haden Church's gritty performance. I also liked Bruce Campbell as a French waiter. I saw Bruce in an Old Spice commercial recently and it made me sad.

Sam Raimi and Pete Jackson need to do zombie flix again. Soon.


Nick said...

I'm not reading the Gibson review because I want to see that sometime, I had a hunch that you might like it though.

I'm sorry you had to sit with annoying people. Funnily, I thought Church/Sandman was the worst part, next to the super-awesome-best-buddy-team-up fight at the end. Glimmers in parts, the Saturday Night Fever, the fork in the champagne glass (Campbell was great), the fights between Parker and Osborne, the Defoe portrait, the Blob-like meteor crash, Eric Foreman's "Kill Peter Parker!" and Betty Brant/J.J.J. and Ted Raimi. Not enough great camerawork from Raimi this time and much of the acting left much to be desired--not a strong enough villain. Foreman was good, but had little time for real.

For good CGI on a level with LOTR check out that Pirates movie--that shit was beautiful and of a piece! Was pleasantly surprised, and there was some weird dialog on top. You need to see it for the Singapore Pirate Ladies alone.

geoff said...

None of the "That 70s Show" humor worked for me. Raimi has made me laugh a great deal in the past, but not this time. I AM an old fuddy duddy. Strange that I would object to formula in a Raimi film, as his forte is taking formula and clubbing you with it, but I thought Spidey 3 was tired and same-old for the most part.

No spoilers in my Apocalypto bit--but it's the best new movie I've seen in two or three years. Yeah, he's like Daffy Duck in The Scarlet Pumpernickel, jamming every possible calamity into the plot, but I was swept up into the imaginative recreation of a lost time.

Nick said...

Nah, you're not so old--I'm agreeing with you for the most part. It WAS a big disappointment for me, just had some great parts in it. Hell, I can find great parts in For The Love Of The Game.

I too hope he does something else next time and gets out of the franchise. I always thought his forte was camerawork on meth and bum sneakers.

You know the best thing I've seen in years, and you'll probably laugh at me, is the TV show Lost. It's freaking unbelievable.