Friday, March 23, 2007

Verres militares

Pat Boone's terrible but strangely alluring album of heavy metal covers didn't include a song by Black Sabbath, but he came close, covering an Ozzy solo ditty and a Ronnie James Dio track. I couldn't have imagined any combination stranger than Pat Boone and heavy metal.

Until now: Seth alerts me to the existence of a Black Sabbath tribute album sung--in LATIN--by a medieval choir with period arrangements and instrumentals.

I need to own this:


Seth Anderson said...

for a while in my car I had a mix of original and choir versions of Sabbath. Lots of fun.

geoff said...

I heard the samples at Amazon--only Beyond the Wall of Sleep had the same melody, which interests me. The tunes still maintain that indescribable Sabbath sound, however. Sort of a cavernous resonance, very Gothic-cathedral. Thanks for the tip!

Mr Trail Safety said...

"In A Metal Mood" is one of the most hilarious practical jokes in the History of Röck. Boone managed to startle and outrage two highly conservative constituencies: Evangelicals and Heavy Metal. I doubt that Pat had that in mind at the outset. But consider the readings of "Crazy Train", "Panama" and "You've Got Another Thing Coming". By the technical virtuosity of the participants, and the smoothie-stylings of Mr Pat, the irreducible cheeziness of the originals are revealed. Some of the other tracks sink into primordial ooze "Stairway to Heaven" and can be deleted from any playlist. Overall, a Perverse Masterpiece.