Monday, March 05, 2007

Striving for normalcy

We owe a big debt to those poor unfortunates stuck with helping us move last week. The Thursday crew did the heavy lifting--BroJ and Big Al and our parents put in a full day and Teeny Weeny lent a hand briefly.

Friday and Saturday we had a great deal of help with the de-junkifying of our old place, including again our folks and also Leesha who very kindly drove down from Manhattan and helped with such delightful tasks as cleaning out the attic. Earthdragon and Poptart RULE--they gave us much of their weekend, and enough beer doesn't exist to repay them. Sandstress even provided photography services before we left the old place, and had a final run-in with the restless door-opening entity there. K'wali and Klezma showed late Saturday and helped haul boxes up and down the steps as well. Our moms are the best: mine provided her much-needed Jeep pickup for trips to the dump and house and put in four solid days of labor, and Cha's kept us all fed, did a lot of cleaning and box pushing, and minimized our trips to the Goodwill by reclaiming half the stuff we were dumping. We can't forget my niece Danie either. In between packing and cleaning she entertained us with pink tennis ball juggling. Awesome.

Thanks also to those Evite respondees who were scheduled to come but who were cancelled because of the quick and efficient work of the other volunteers. You guys also rock.

Now I'm back at the job with a pile of editing to do, but I feel I can relax. Today was my first automotive commute to work in something like 13 years.


alicia said...

Glad to see your up and about, I was wondering how long it'd be til you'd be able to post considering the state of your fab new house. It's beautiful! Also I think we dashed the hopes of any neighborhood theives, all they had to do was sit and watch us unload parts of the deep fryer and pat's clothes still on the plastic dryer hanger to see that it's probably not worth stealing anything from you kids. :) Seriously though, I"m happy for you guys. Your house looked very empty from the view at Ma's she even took the planter you left on the back deck! Will her scavenging never cease??

geoff said...

According to Verizon we'll have no phone or internet for at least a week. That means our deep fryer and pat's red silk dress (washed with a load of my whites--how many times will she pinkify my clothes?--and she doesn't even do my laundry. In fact, she's done it three times and has pinkified it three times) on a plastic dryer hanger are vulnerable until Baltimore Alarm can get us up and running, which would be easy if we had a phone.

Thieves interested in condiments would be well served at our place. If they want nice stuff, they'll have to visit Ma's shed for what we left behind.