Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reason for optimism

I actually enjoyed Bush's latest presser. One could wear out a copy of the DSM-IV flipping around to diagnose this guy's neurotic ticks: his defensiveness, his hypocrisy, his projection, his anti-social tendencies, his thinly veiled hostility, his martyr complex, his infantile regression, etc. I propose someone craft a Bush addendum to the manual's next edition.

Sure, W's latest performance introduces no character traits unfamiliar to Bush critics, but his approach is tinged with a new desperation. That smirking cowboy confidence is gone. He knows he's in deep shit, and when he contradicts himself (near the end he says that under his proposal his staff will answer questions "out there for everyone to see"--that's not true, as his proposal is that his staff will answer questions behind closed doors, with no transcript allowed) it's clear this is a flailing man adrift in a sea of unreality. W. is assured of only one thing--his place in history as one of the greatest buffoons ever to wield power of consequence.

How long must we wait for W's inevitable Nixonian moment, boarding Marine One a final time in utter disgrace? For the first time in six years I believe it might actually happen.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the "Bushies" have haplessly wandered into the crosshairs of determined, ruthless hunters who smell blood. Feathers will fly, in entertainingly fascinating directions!

Dubya's LameDuckhood is becoming a MOST delicious spectacle to behold!!