Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ok, I laughed quite a bit, but didn't bust a gut excepting when Borat completely disgusted Bob Barr (the look on Barr's face is priceless). I also very much enjoyed Borat's visit to the mansion on Secession Lane with his friend Lynell. The drunk, overpriviliged, moronic, racist, misogynist college kids? I could have done without that reminder of life in Towson.

Frankly I think Jackass was a funnier movie in the jerk genre. Is Borat worth seeing? Sure. Is it worthy of all that breathless hype? Nah.


Earth Dragon said...

Commentos y Preguntas

(1) I've been quietly enjoying your many photos on Flickr. Unlike many folks who snapshot, relentlessly, your pics are worth viewing - not the usual, "this is my dog-cat-fish-sister-grandma-dishrag" or "this is my dog-cat-fish-sister-grandma-dishrag on drugs" fare. Keep sharing.

(2) I've noticed a new book store link: Powell's. Are they a non-corporate, left-leaning, safe haven? If so, I'd like to also become an affiliate, as I'm in the process of greatly expanding my online, affilitate offerings.

(3) One has to wonder, why, or in what state was Baltimore, that William Wallace would warrant (aliteration hey?) a statue. Was he simply the local Scots reaction to the Italians, after they put up Christoforo (that bastard)? Or was it the other way around? One must also wonder what did any judge ever do to deserve a statue, and yet, there are many throughout Baltimore.

I love your blog. Don't ever stop.

geoff said...

1) Thanks about the photos. I'm more seriously using Flickr now that I have a better camera--I even moved the Flickr badge up on my page in hopes someone would notice.

2) Powell's is an Oregonian powerhouse of ideologically liberal independent bookselling. I began as an affiliate there about three months ago and crept the Amazon badges down the page. Unfortunately Powell's doesn't host images the way Amazon and B&N do, so the individual item links are less attractive, but can be easily done with text. They give a fat commission to boot: 7.5% on all products.

3) I imagine the Scottish Rite Masons got tired of seeing Catholic Columbo and put up a bigger, meaner statue out of healthy competition. Or perhaps there was a Scottish/Celt organization or rich individual who was responsible? Perhaps I'll do some research and find out.

And how did you know I was considering ending the blog? I'd in fact been thinking about wrapping it up at the fast-approaching 50,000 visitor mark.

Your most recent post reminded me of the short segment on CBS Sunday Morning each week when they pause to show wildlife footage somewhere in the American wilderness. Inevitably there's the buzz of an airplane, or of highway traffic, or a lawnmower or chainsaw in the background. Sigh.

Earth Dragon said...

If you do decide to terminate your blog, I would like to offer, then, sharing space at Earth Dragon, for you to do the occassional post -- on whatever topic, as you see fit.

You could have your own page, or share with someone (me, for example).

I have plans to expand the online store, to books and things I (we) would like to sell, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I've a work around for the Powell's lack of images -- steal them from somewhere else (like the publisher's website), the create your own pages. That way, the images are stored on your site and they never are altered.

geoff said...

That posting/hosting of images is not beyond my HTML expertise, but it's tedious work. Fie on it, I say!

I've thought of hanging things up here before but have muddled onward. I'd consider guest-posting at your site were I to quit here or not.

Also--you're free to use whatever blurbs/reviews from Blog-Sothoth that you think may be useful for your site. I grant you all rights and privileges to do so in perpetuem (with minimal attribution of course).

Nick said...

I can understand if you stop--I don't get much time online either but when I am on I stop by to see how you're doing.

I like POwell's--we went to the physical store two years ago and enjoyed it. Nice setup.