Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hadn't been plagued by insomnia all summer--suddenly two very bad nights in a row. Guess it's the betwixt-academic-sessions-working-daytime schedule.

Fell asleep instantly last night, found myself in a dreary moonlit landscape of ruined temples with two companions--one of whom was Bender, the other unrecognizable--and we had to escape that place quickly because we were pursued by an army. We found some tubes that led to an underground city, just as I noticed an amphora hovering above us. Bender told me it was spying, and would alert our pursuers after a few minutes--whatever sensing apparatus it used was slow. I jumped into a tube and found out too late that the circumference was insufficient. Constricted, with my arms jammed above my head, in a dark tube, unable to move, I settled in for the long process of starving to death and woke up gasping for air. Then I was unable to sleep the rest of the night.

Now I sit at work creating call numbers for books about Saint Augustine.

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